Properly applying a security process to the development of any product is the key to its validation and quality insurance. Implement the best practices of secure product development with:

  • source code audits C/C++, assembly, Python, PHP, Java
  • reverse-engineering malware analysis, closed source applications
  • hardware & embedded platform assessment firmware reversing, tampering

Exposure assessment

Likewise, the deployment of live infrastructures is exposed to a hostile environment, and requires dedicated resources and constant attention. Simulate attacks and address real issues on:

  • large-scale data networks corporate infrastructure, Internet Service Providers...
  • telco networks PSTN, GSM, VOIP...

Research & development

The increasing complexity of computer systems and IT security makes it unlikely to be able to react accordingly to any given situation. Fewer can claim to master and improve the state of the art at any given time. Be it proactively or during emergency response, we can assist in:

  • vulnerability assessment comprehensive technical analysis
  • proof-of-concept development illustration of flaw path